Nicolas Zimmer, Founder

sales and distribution of metallurgical products
a long tradition

Our slogan “A NAME TO TRUST” became “TRUSTED SINCE 1898” after 100 years of commitment to excellence.

For the past century, NIZI has built its reputation of a trustworthy business partner throughout the world. From the heart of Europe, located in Luxembourg, the multi-linguistic team and organisation has been serving the European steel and foundry industry with raw materials since 1898.

During the past decades, substantial and structural changes have taken place in the steel and foundry industries, as well as among the producers and suppliers of raw materials to these industries. NIZI met the industry challenges by establishing new supply sources, distributing new products, growing different business areas and extending its market coverage.
NIZI’s philosophy has always been that of being an efficient distributor of raw materials to end users, a role that began in 1898 and which is continuing into the next century.

From its beginning in 1898 until today, NIZI has mainly been an independent private company. NIZI is today 100% owned by Holta Invest AS, a private Investment Company owned by Kjetil Holta.

Nizi international
trusted since 1898

Founded by Nicolas Zimmer

under the name N. Zimmer-Maroldt.

European agriculture sector

From 1898 to 1922, marketed low grade phosphoric iron ore to the steel industry and buying back “Thomas basic slag” for supply of phosphorous fertilizers to the European agriculture sector.

Developed sales

From 1923 to 1950, re-named to Compagnie des Mines & Metaux SA – NIZI.
Developed sales of pig iron and ferroalloys. The company entered into supply agreements with Dutch, German, French and Norwegian producers.

Expanded geographically

From 1950 to 1994, the company expanded the sales and supply networks to other European markets.
The Tinfos Group acquired the Company after having been sales agent for Tinfos since the 1930s.

Renamed the company

The Company changed its name to Tinfos Nizi.

Established offices

in Brazil and in the USA

Tinfos Nizi

became part of the Eramet Group after the latter took over the Tinfos Group.

Nizi International

January : Holta Invest bought back Tinfos Nizi.
May : Established an office in Beijing, China.
June : Tinfos Nizi changed its name to Nizi International.

Acquired Miller & Company

in the United States of America

Acquired Keywest and Chemalloy