Core competences

We offer a wide range of services and focus on developing long-term relationships. Our extensive market knowledge and presence in all major markets enable us to respond rapidly to the needs of our business partners.

The strength of our organisation allows us to offer optimised logistic processes, extensive financing services and professional risk management.
In other words, the value added from our business model comes from our in-house technical and logistics expertise combined with our financing and market coverage.

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Extensive industry knowledge and market coverage

NIZI International’s traditional presence in Europe is based on sales and field offices, close to all major consuming markets. Our traveling sales managers cover the whole European customer base and our dedicated team of technicians ensure daily support to our clients.

Through Miller and Company, part of Nizi group, we offer a well recognized and experienced distribution network in North America. Sales managers are permanently on the road to serve hundreds of customers in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Supply chain optimization

With close to one million tons of raw materials traded annually, Nizi recognizes the importance of its logistics services. Over the years, we have developed a considerable expertise in logistics, including shipping, warehousing and ground transportation. Our logistics team is focused on delivering supply chain excellence through the cooperation with dedicated and selected logistics partners. We also provide inventory management for our suppliers and customers.

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Supply security

Our policy of holding inventories at strategic locations worldwide means that we can supply material from alternative sources and ensure expedient delivery at all time. Furthermore, we run a best-in-class ERP system with warehouse connections, delivering real-time stock levels and thus enabling us to promptly respond to all the enquiries.


Thanks to a strong balance sheet and long-term partnership with a number of international banks, we are keen to further grow our business and offer attractive financing solutions to our suppliers and customers.

Risk management

We cover different risk elements from price and currency risk to counter party credit exposures.
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Business compliance

Our in-house tax and legal department ensures full compliance with all legal and statutory requirements and provide expertise in Customs and VAT.


NIZI International fully complies with the REACH legislation, involving the improvement of workplace safety and protection of human health, by complying with strict ecological directives concerning the handling of substances. As a member of various trade associations and REACH consortia, NIZI International is REACH registered for all substances it imports and is pre-registered for more than 40 substances.

All Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) according to Regulation (EC) No1907/2006, Annex II, are available in most common languages for all our products, whether they are classified or not.

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