The Base Metals Business Area delivers metals in a large variety of shapes, forms, specifications and brands to various industries worldwide. As a partner of both producers and consumers we use all available instruments to quote real-time prices and mitigate risk around the clock.  Refined metals:
 Our main traded products are Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc. Concentrates:
 Nizi is active in both base and precious metals. We supply copper, lead and zinc in different forms such as concentrates, ores and by-products.

For further information, please contact our Base Metals department:
Tel.: (+352) 44 22 21-700
Fax: (+352) 44 22 21-249

  • Base metals
  • Main products :

    Copper cathodes, both refined and off-grades

    Lead 99.99%, 99.985%, 99.97%, alloys, bullion

    Nickel full plate cathodes, cut cathodes 4×4”, 2×2”, briquettes, powders, alloys

    Zinc special high grade, high grade, GOB, alloys

    Other metals:

    Copper, lead, zinc concentrates, ores & by-products

    Precious metal concentrates & by-products