The Base Metals Business Area delivers LME-traded metals in a large variety of shapes, forms, specifications and brands to various industries worldwide. As a partner of both producers and consumers we use all instruments provided by the brokers on the London Metal Exchange to quote real-time prices and hedge the price risk around the clock.

Our main products are Aluminium, Lead, Nickel and Zinc. The main customer base of Aluminium is the extrusion industry. The primary use of Zinc is in the galvanising industry; Lead is mainly used in the battery industry and Nickel in the stainless steel and foundry industries. These metals are also used in many other applications.

For further information, please contact our Base Metals department:
Tel.: (+352) 44 22 21-700
Fax: (+352) 44 22 21-249

  • Base metals
  • Main products :

    Aluminium billet, T-bar, ingots, other grades and shapes available upon request

    Lead 99.99%, 99.985%, 99.97%, Alloys

    Nickel full plate cathodes, cut cathodes 4×4”, 2×2”, briquettes, powders, alloys

    Zinc special high grade, high grade, GOB, alloys

    Other base metals:
    Copper, Tin

    Other metals: