Nizi International is an important supplier of Bulk and Noble alloys to the carbon and stainless steel industry. We are also a significant supplier of powders to the dense media and welding industry.
Nizi International is the exclusive distributor of the FeSi 75% production of Finnfjord, Norway. 
We can rapidly provide products of most grades and sizes, so do not hesitate to contact your local sales office or representative in case of urgent order.

For further information, please contact our Ferroalloys department:
Tel.: (+352) 44 22 21-703
Fax: (+352) 44 22 21-270

  • Ferroalloys
  • Main products are Bulk alloys, Manganese Metal and Powders:

    Ferro Silicon 75%
    - Standard
    - Refined grades (High Purity, Low AI, Low Ti, semi-HP)

    Manganese alloys
    - Silico Manganese (Standard, Low C, Low B, Low P)
    - Ferro Manganese (HC, MC, LC, ULPC)

    Ferro Chrome
    - HC FeCr
    - LC FeCr
    - Charge FeCr

    Manganese Ore 

    Manganese Metal
    - EMM flakes (99.7%)
    - Lumpy 95% or 97% min
    - MnM briquettes (pillow or ellipse)
    - MnM Fe4  briqs (4% iron)
    - Nitrided MnM (lumpies or briquettes)

    Noble and other alloys
    - Cored wire
    - Ferro Boron
    - Ferro Molybdenum
    - Ferro Niobium
    - Ferro Phosphorus
    - Ferro Titanium
    - Ferro Tungsten
    - Ferro Vanadium

    - Calcium Silicon
    - FeNb powder
    - FeSi 45%
    - FeSi 15%
    - Fluorspar
    - Leucoxene Sand
    - Magnetite