The Foundry Business Area delivers pig iron, silicon carbide, foundry coke, carbon and technical products to the foundries, as well as specialty products to the welding, refractory and dense media industries worldwide.

We carry regular inventory in warehouses close to customers for most pig iron and foundry products, including technical products. This allows us to perform just-in-time deliveries.

For further information, please contact our Foundry & Pig Iron departments:
Tel.: (+352) 44 22 21-705
Fax: (+352) 44 22 21-243

  • Pig-Iron & Foundry
  • Pig Iron:

    - High purity
    - Nodular
    - Hematite/Foundry

     Silicon Carbide

     Technical Products
    - Magnesium Ferro Silicon
    - Inoculants (Ba, Zr, Al, Ca, Sr, TRE)
    - Cored Wire
    - Nickel Magnesium
    - Rare Earth Ferro Silicon
    - Slag coagulants & Slag conditioners

    Foundry Coke


    Complementary products for foundries 
    - Ferro Silicon 75%
    - Manganese Alloys
    - Briquettes (FeSi, FeMn, SiC, FeP)
    - Calcium Carbide

    - Technical Silicon Carbide (SiC)